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Don't Miss The Boat: Data 101

September 15, 2016
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

As a travel marketer, there are myriad ways you can spend budgets to sell rooms, cruises, vacation packages, and everything in between. Unfortunately, you don’t always know who likes what, why they would be interested in your product, or even if they’re even in the market to buy.

Fortunately, there are data targeting tools to help identify key audiences for your brand. In addition to the still very important age and gender targeting methods of traditional video advertising, hotels, airlines and other brands can now use technology to reach even more defined and relevant audiences.

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Don't Hire a Mechanic to fix your Toilet. Hire a Plumber.

September 13, 2016

If your toilet breaks or your sink starts leaking, who do you call? An auto mechanic or a plumber? Does it matter? They both fix broken things, right? Obviously, you call a plumber. Why? Because cars are very different than toilets or sinks, and you want someone with an expertise in the work you need done. So, when you’re ready to launch a video (TV-included) advertising campaign, does it matter what kind of technology vendor you work with? It’s all just advertising, right?

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DMEXCO: a preview to one of the year’s biggest shows

August 24, 2016

DMEXCO is fast approaching and Videology will be attending once again this year, with our team available for meetings in Hall 6, stand G-050.
With the state of programmatic video and TV guaranteed to be a hot topic among the 32,000+ attendees, key members of the Videology leadership team are preparing for the event by answering vital industry questions on the current state of play.

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Hey, Travel Marketers, Here's the Story...

August 09, 2016
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

According to the US Travel Association, direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $650.8 billion in 2015. Yet, even with this huge market, leisure travel is still just that—leisure. Put another way, people have to buy food, medicine and hygiene products—they don’t have to buy a Caribbean vacation. This ‘need vs. want’ dynamic makes advertising crucial to the success of leisure travel companies. Learn more in the blog.

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How Could Programmatic TV Have Helped Bill Clinton And George H.W. Bush?

August 03, 2016
Richard Hall

By Richard Hall

VP of TV Strategy

The 1992 presidential race between Bill Clinton and incumbent president George H.W. Bush, for example, was decided by a margin of just 5.5% of the popular vote, or 5.8 million voters. Clinton won. While this number isn’t reflective of the final United States Electoral College vote – Clinton with 370, Bush with 168 – it’s still interesting to consider how programmatic TV advertising could have affected the election result.

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5 Best Practices In A Converging World Of Screens

July 12, 2016
Aleck Schleider

By Aleck Schleider

VP, Data and Analytics

While Americans are busy planning their summer vacations, travel marketers are busy looking for new ways to reach them with the draw of sight, sound and motion. Palm trees swaying in ocean breezes, children splashing in water, tanned couples running on the beach, a tall icy beverage—these are the images that have been used to court would-be vacationers for decades.

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Cannes in Review

July 08, 2016
Maria Shcheglakova

By Maria Shcheglakova

Marketing Manager, EMEA

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest advertising festival: a true demonstration of where the industry is going and the high the bar for creativity is set. Videology CEO Scott Ferber joined a panel on ‘AdTech vs. Creative’ with other industry leaders.

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Knowledge Lab #3: Advanced Linear TV Advertising

July 05, 2016
Michele Skettino

By Michele Skettino

Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications

Today, we’re releasing the third installment of Videology Knowledge Labs, this time focusing on Advanced Linear TV Advertising. This is a topic that’s been hot in conversation over the last year, and has resulted in a lot of questions.

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Videology Partners with Programmatic TV Platform AdMore

June 29, 2016

As you may have seen, today, AdMore announced a partnership with Videology to make their TV inventory, inclusive of national broadcast, more than 1,200 local and cable affiliates, available in our DETV™ product.

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TV 2020: Clear Vision of the Future of TV Advertising

June 27, 2016
Landin King

By Landin King

Communications Lead

Check out the video from our recent IAB webinar about the future of programatic TV featuring Scott Ferber, joined by Jeremy Helfand of Adobe Primetime and Jason Brown of AT&T AdWorks.

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